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Author Topic: Forces are lining up against our District Attorney in upcoming election  (Read 412 times)

Sgt Rock

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It's election time again and the regular candidates that run for any possible position (but can't get elected dog catcher) pop up once again on the Clayton County stage.

Leslie Miller Terry has now filed to accept contributions an effort to run against our highly esteemed and greatly appreciated DA, Tracy Lawson.  As you recall last election, Terry ran for Clerk of Courts against the Honorable Leslie Miller but was handily dispatched.  Of course it is well known that Terry has ties to the infamous Scott's and was the Solicitor in the Scott regime of terror and plunder.  Ms. Terry unfortunately beat Mr. Keith Martin in the 2004 Solicitor's race.  Of course Ms. Terry is also backed by the "Gas-man" Wade Starr, "DUI" Ralph, "Housing Authority" Hambrick and Ms Singleton.

Herbert Adams is rumored to also be considering a run for DA.  He was a 2004 DA candidate but was quickly dispatched.  Of course he was in bed with Alex Cohillas, Mr. Cohillas being Mr.Adams' previous campaign manager.  It's a shame that Mr. Cohillas hasn't talked more.  I thought better of him at one time.

It is an uphill struggle for both Terry and possibly Adams (if he runs) as our DA maintains the highest of ethical standards and has served the citizens well.

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