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Mr. Conservative II:
Singleton looks like a choir girl compared to the others.  What a motley group.

Sgt Rock:
I will be interesting to see the ties between Bussey and the Scott's...keep an eye out for this one please... ;D

Is this the same Bussey that was arrested for impersonating a police officer when he displayed a sheriff's office badge,"issued by victor hill," and a district attorney's badge, issued by jewel scott, to a Georgia State Trooper?
Did D.A. scott ever prosecute that case?

Subject: Atlanta Ritual Abuse trial starts Monday
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ohnoapr)
Date: Thu, May 13, 1999 2:20 PM
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Next Monday, May 17, 1999,  former Hapeville Elementary teacher and
whistleblower, Carolyn "Lyn" McCullers' trial for criminal trespass by Fulton
County Solicitor's office (Case # 93-Z-207466-H) in behalf of Cheryl J.
Bogrow, Principal of State Bridge Crossing Elementary, Fulton County School
System, who sought a warrant for Lyn's attendance at a PTA meeting in
October, 1997.

Interested individuals and children's advocates available for a courtwatch
are invited to attend Lyn's criminal trial, at 185 Central Ave., Justice
Center Tower, State Court of Fulton County/Criminal Division, 9:00 AM
Courtroom 3, Judge Albert L. Thompson presiding.  We would like to fill the
courtroom to capacity to show the court and prosecutors our interest in child
abuse prevention and the adults entrusted as mandatory court reporters
protected from prosecution.

The following hyperlink is a post I made after a Fulton County judge sealed
the records of the Walt West Hapeville Molestation case.  This is not just
another "flakey" debunked McMartin Daycare or Wenatchee SRA spin, as there
are actual photos of West's molested kids that were confiscated from the
trunk of West's car and said  kids recently won an $8.5M judgment against the
City of Hapeville. (See followng AJC story)

According to sources, Walt West, a former police officer with Fulton County
Schools, took children off school property to various metro locations, sexual
abused them, photographed, videotaped, caged and performed Satanic Rituals
with other adults, including other police officers and the Principal of
Hapeville Elementary, Cheryl J. Bogrow. (AJC story follows)

Lyn's arresting officer at State Bridge Elementary was Larry Bussey, who has
an extensive criminal record, himself, and was recently fired as the new
Assistant Director of School Security in DeKalb.  (See following AJC story)

Lyn's crime, of which the Fulton solicitor is seeking a three year jail
sentence, consisted of her attending a PTA meeting and giving a Biblical
passage concerning child abuse to Bogrow.  (See following passage)  Lyn has
since lost her teaching job for refusing to stop disclosing details of
Bogrow's and other school officials alleged participation in child ritual
sexual abuse.

Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in
attending our courtwatch.

Victoria Pierce, GA Activist
National Alliance for Family Court Justice

<A HREF="">N.A.F.C.J. Features</A>

School Watch Security official fired over record
BYLINE: Diane Loupe, Staff
DATE: 04-29-1999
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
SECTION: DeKalb Extra

In an effort to beef up school security, DeKalb School officials recently
hired a new director and an assistant director of school security. But the
assistant director, Larry W. Bussey, was fired from his $60,228 a year job
due to an "unsatisfactory criminal background report," which turned up
almost four months after he was hired. The information was contained in a
letter from Robert L. Tucker, executive director for personnel services for
the school system.
Although Tucker would not reveal the specifics of Bussey's arrest record, a
search of public records uncovered two bad-check charges in Fulton County,
which were dismissed, and a 1990 arrest for domestic violence, including
pointing a pistol at another, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct and
creating a turmoil. He was cited in a 1995 DeKalb County court order for
failure to pay child support, and he agreed to have $675 deducted from his
paycheck to pay his ex-wife $6,650 in unpaid child support.
In a recent interview, Bussey denied many of the charges. He agreed to
discuss the matter with a reporter, but he failed to show at a scheduled

© Copyright 1999,The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, All rights reserved.

Diane Loupe, Staff, School Watch Security official fired over record.,
04-29-1999, pp J7.
BROKEN TRUST: Allegations overlooked: Officials were told on numerous
occasions of: possible child abuse by a Hapeville police officer but
failed to act.

The assistant district attorney who prosecuted Walt West here in Clayton County was Tracy Gladden, now Tracy Lawson.  He is still in prison.


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