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Author Topic: County Commissioners back in the Festival/Film Production Business w/our Money  (Read 355 times)

Sgt Rock

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Reviewing the now-published minutes of the County Commission meeting from this past Tuesday, it seems the County Commissioners are back in the Festival / Film Production Business.  Let's just call it the Festival/Film Unit or F.U. for short shall we?

The F.U. unanimously voted to use taxpayers dollars to finance the Contemporary Atlanta Jazz & Neo-Soul Festival.  The F.U. designated this event to occur on 17-18 August at the F.U.'s Clayton International Park.

The F.U. also designated that highly trained event Sponsorship specialist, the F.U.'s own Commissioner Sonna Singleton to Sponsor the event for the F.U. OUTSIDE of her District.  I wouldn't be surprised if the F.U. paid for and sent Ms. Singleton to an official SPONSORSHIP course just to ensure she is fully qualified as a designated representative of the F.U.  If F.U. sponsor, Ms. Singleton is the "SPONSOR", should she not be funding the event and taking responsibility for any liability claim instead of the F.U.?  That's my understanding of the word "SPONSOR". 

Perhaps it would be better for the F.U. to consider keeping Ms. Singleton inside of her own district so as not to reduce the property value of the area surrounding Clayton International Park.  Unless of course it's the intention of the F.U. to devalue the area in the cause of "fairness". This is analogous to Wole Ralph negotiating Airport deals that are inside of Ms. Hambrick's District or even traveling to Amsterdam for Airport business again stepping on Ms. Hambrick (but hey, that's what W.S. text them to do).  And Ms. Hambrick was shocked to hear at the debates the Commission had no respect.

Of course, as always, if you ask any member of the F.U. where the money comes from, you will be told that "it didn't cost a thing".  The F.U. seems to have the ability to materialize free money out of thin air.

If the event was so poplar and profitable, the F.U. wouldn't need to sponsor a thing, the Production company would sponsor instead of the F.U. AND reimburse the county for police, park costs etc.  In other words IT WOULD BE PROFITABLE.

All is good though with the F.U.  Wole Ralph's recent Tilapia crap fed inspired fish fry was crammed down your throats by the F.U. as was "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta".  The F.U. is working hard for you.

Links to F.U. information,3391.0.html,3365.0.html
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You are such a hoot!!:)


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Gee, I thought this music festival something for the entire family..... I mean our tax money is being used. It is not a family sing along?
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Is the music festival filled with the song ..."The Hills are alive, with the sound of.....Puking"  Thank you, thank you very much.... ;D ;D :o